Management Team
Mr. Kai-Yun Wu Chairman’s Office President
Mr. Y.D Chen General Manager’s Office Vice President
Ms. Jane Wang General Management Division Vice President
Mr. Dysan Lin General Manager’s Office Vice President
Mr. Jem Lee Managerment Information Division Assistant Vice President
Ms. Kelly Wang Sales Division Assistant Vice President
Mr. John Wu Chairman’s Office Director
Mr. Hogan Lee Manufacturing Division Director
Ms. Fion Wu Tactics Purchasing Department Director
Ms. Vivian Wu Sales  Department Deputy Director
Mr. Chunchi Yin Factory Affairs Department Deputy Director
Mr. Richard Tai Quality Assurance Division Sr. Manager
Mr. K.H.Chen Manufacturing Department  Sr. Manager
Ms.ying-nien Wang Chairman’s Office Manager
Ms. Ann Lo Administrative Department Manager
Ms. Nancy Su Financial Department Manager
Ms. Emmy Chang Accounting Department Manager
Mr.  Sam Wang Sales  Department Manager
Mr. Aif Hsu Resources and Material Department Manager
Mr. Ken Wang Engineering Department Manager
Mr. Vincent Chiang Information Security Management Department Manager
Ms. Phoenix Kuo Overseas Accounting Department Assistant Manager
Ms. May Cheng Internal Auditor Department Assistant Manager
Ms. Jessica.Tseng Legal  Department Assistant Manager
Ms. Sandra Chao Import and Export Department Assistant Manager