Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Care

TSMT is dedicated to environment protection with strong commitment since its establishment. The Company is able to flexibly adjust its production process to ensure compliance with RoHS, and restricts the use of harmful substances in the production process, such as lead, cadmium, mercury and etc. It has also obtained ISO14001 certification and has been recognized by Sony as a Green Partner. Stepping into the future, RMIH will continue of its devotion to environmental protection.

Corporate social responsibility activities

Do not use "conflict minerals" desk table has always been to respect international human rights, continue to practice the concept of the citizen of the world, In response to the July 2010 U.S. President Barack Obama signed the 4173 bill (HR 4173) "Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act"(Dodd-Frank Act), the table statement prohibiting the use of" conflict minerals "(conflict minerals).

TSMT declare
A. Recently, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its surrounding countries and regions in the territory of cassiterite, wolframite, coltan and gold and other rare metals mining has resulted in serious human rights and environmental issues, by the media as "conflict minerals". Table based on the practice of corporate social responsibility and the environment, do not use "conflict minerals" statement released to the supplier, to require suppliers to ensure that the raw materials used does not lead to conflict dispute.

B. Although the station table has no direct procurement of raw metal behavior, but we strongly does not support, from the illegal exploitation of the region of the People's Republic of the Congo or neighboring countries, armed conflict, illegal mining and poor work environment mined of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W) metal minerals.

C. Table suppliers should be traced back all products contained cobalt (Co), gold (Au), palladium (Pd), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn) and tungsten (W) sources (including smelting plant information) to ensure that the metal does not come from conflict minerals.